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Once again, we’ve somehow managed to cram an unbelievable amount of fiction into our annual October/November double issue. Not one, but two outstanding novellas jostle for room between the magazine’s covers (or vie for pixles as the case may be). Multiple award winner Kij Johnson treats us to a remarkable feat of engineering on a hostile alien planet and introduces us to “The Man Who Bridged the Mist.” The story’s evocative images are sure to linger on long after you reach Empire’s Farside for the very last time. By then, though, you’ll be careening through Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s dramatic tale of danger and destruction where “Stealth” can have the deadliest of consequences.


Between these massive novellas we’ve somehow managed to squeeze in a host of novelettes and short stories. Since this is our annual slightly scary issue, you’ll actually find ghosts and trolls in Eleanor Arnason’s enchanting “My Husband Steinn”; Kit Reed brings us a little bit of terror in the sardonic “Outside Event”; Derek Künsken investigates some bizarre and murderous social systems in “To Live and Die in Gibbon-town”; new writer Dominica Phetteplace reveals the secrets of “The Cult of Whale Worship”; new writer Jason K. Chapman shows us just how relentlessly tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in “This Petty Pace”; Jack Skillingstead offers up a wry tale that takes today’s quest to liberate information to its logical conclusions in “Free Dog”; the Hugo- and Nebula-Award winning author Nancy Kress predicts the coming water wars in “A Hundred Hundred Daisies”; and Eugene Mirabelli charms us with the story of “The Pastry Chef, the Nano-technologist, the Aerobics Instructor, and the Plumber.”


Robert Silverberg’s “Reflections” column thumbs through a “Writer’s Diary”; Norman Spinrad’s “On Books” column contemplates the “Inside / Outside” of the SF genre; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net gets pretty “Steamed”; plus we’ll have an array of poetry and other features you’re sure to enjoy. Look for our October/November issue on sale at newsstands on August 30, 2011. Or you can subscribe to Asimov’s —in paper format or in downloadable varieties—by visiting us online at www.asimovs.com. We’re also available individually or by subscription on Amazon.com’s Kindle, BarnesandNoble.com’s Nook, and ebookstore.sony.com’s eReader!

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