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Stories from Asimov's have won 53 Hugos and 28 Nebula Awards, and our editors have received 20 Hugo Awards for Best Editor.

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PrometheusMovie Review: Prometheus
Ridley Scott foreruns his classic and groundbreaking “Alien” with a compelling and existential film that reaches wide, but ultimately fails. Visually and cinematically stunning, “Prometheus” indulges in the action and one-liners that summer moviegoers may be craving while also bringing a sense of eerie irony. It falls prey to many of the pitfalls found in the “genre” formula, yet it holds a bizarre and resonant quality that other blockbusters lack. This is perhaps what makes this film a particular disappointment. If there were no potential, then the letdown would be less stinging. Read more

Asimov's First Digital Anthology

Enter the FutureEnter a Future: Fantastic Tales from
Asimov’s Science Fiction

By Sheila Williams

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Welcome. Please come in. Enter some futures. Feel free to pull up a chair and sit down with these fantastic stories from Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine. No two of these futures is the same. Yet, while the characters cope with presents that are removed from our own to varying degrees, the dilemmas they face are never removed from the joys and terrors of the human condition. Many of these stories are… Read more.


The man came across the red sands alone and on foot, the storm whipping at his back. He flailed his way through the dome lock with his one free hand, then stumbled through the inner seal and wide, wooden double doors to collapse to his knees on the old, worn carpeting. Still cradling a small case in his other hand, he unlocked the faceplate of his suit and took whooping, desperate breaths even as his eyes found the unimpressed gaze, neither welcoming nor otherwise, of the man who sat with his chin in his hands looking down at him from the ancient and dusty desk. “By all the gods, old and new, loved and feared, named and unnamed, and fierce Ares highest among them all,” the man on the floor said, “please, tell me you have a vacancy.”

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Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine: 30th Anniversary Anthology


"A truly extraordinary sampler of tales.... Every piece in this superlative collection is a nugget of pure science fiction gold."

-Publishers Weekly, starred review

This anniversary anthology presented in chronological order showcases 30 years of excellent stories published in the legendary magazine, Asimov’s Science Fiction. Asimov’s Science Fiction was founded in 1977. As one of science fiction’s most influential and prolific writers, Isaac Asimov wanted to provide a home for new SF writers—a new magazine for young writers could break into. Asimov’s Science Fiction remains that home, as well as the publisher of some of the field’s best known authors.

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