Asimov's Readers' Awards Finalists

We are very excited to bring you the works that finished in the top five slots in each category of the 31st Annual Readers’ Award Poll. Although we won’t be announcing the winners until our celebratory breakfast in May, we’re listing all the finalists in alphabetical order by author’s last name. You’ll see more than five poems because we had multiple ties in this category. We’ve uploaded these files, so check out the links to these tales if you missed them when they were first published in Asimov’s!

A big thanks goes to our readers for taking the time to vote and to our writers for allowing us to post their works. Enjoy these works and remember to check out the 2017 issues of Asimov’s. We want to know what your favorites are when we compile the 32nd annual poll.

Congratulations to our 31st Annual Readers' Awards Finalists!


Choose Poison, Choose Life – Michael Blumlein - October/November 2016
Where There Is Nothing, There Is God – David Erik Nelson - December 2016 
What We Hold Onto – Jay O’Connell - June 2016
Lazy Dog Out – Suzanne Palmer - April/May 2016
Einstein’s Shadow – Allen M. Steele - January 2016


I Married a Monster from Outer Space – Dale Bailey - March 2016
They Have All One Breath – Karl Bunker - December 2016 
President John F. Kennedy, Astronaut – Sandra McDonald - August 2016
Ten Poems for the Mossums, One for the Man – Suzanne Palmer-  July 2016
Matilda – Kristine Kathryn Rusch - April/May 2016


The Mutants Men Don’t See – James Alan Gardner - August 2016
White Dust – Nathan Hillstrom - January 2016
All That Robot . . . – Rich Larson - September 2016
Exceptional Forces – Sean McMullen - February 2016
Dome on the Prairie – Robert Reed - September 2016


The Abassador’s Daughter – Megan Arkenberg - October/November 2016
Your Clone Excels at You – Robert Frazier - August 2016
After – Herb Kauderer - October/November 2016
Attack of the Fifty-Foot Woman – Ron Koertge - April/May 2016
The Robot Grows Old – Geoffrey A. Landis - June 2016
Long Argument, the Longest – Jane Yolen - September 2016
Nice Touch – Jane Yolen - March 2016
Old Women of the Wood – Jane Yolen - October/November 2016



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