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Stories from Asimov's have won 53 Hugos and 28 Nebula Awards, and our editors have received 20 Hugo Awards for Best Editor.

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Author On-line Chats

Twice a month, we sponsor on-line chats with some of the biggest names in SF. Here's what we've got coming up:

All chats have been cancelled until further notice.

Our chats are co-sponsored with Analog, and SCIFI.COM and are moderated by Asimov's editor, Gardner Dozois.

Chat Transcripts
-Charles de Lint
-Tim Powers
-Mars Panel: Translating SF into Reality, Kim Stanley Robinson & Geoffrey A. Landis
-Walter Jon Williams
-Best of the Ninties
-Connie Willis on Nebula 33
-Hard SF with Vonda N. McIntyre & Catherine Asaro
-Meet our Nebula Nominees
-Live Nebula Coverage: May 1, 1999
-Kevin J. Anderson & AC Crispin on Star Wars
-Far Horizons edited by Silverberg
-David Feintuch on Military SF
-David Hartwell on the Year's Best SF
-The Future of War with Joe Haldeman & Walter Jon Williams
-Asimov's Hugo Finalists
-Analog's Hugo Finalists
-Australian SF with Jack Dann, Sean Williams & Chris Lawson
-Alternate Histories with Harry Turtledove
-Fantasy with Esther M. Friesner & George R.R. Martin
-SF Magazine Editors
-Jane Yolen
-Science Fiction and Baseball
-Michael Swanwick, Eileen Gunn, Andy Duncan and Pat Murphy
-Science Fiction Romance
-Far Future Fiction
-Meet Our Hugo Nominees
-Colonizing Other Worlds
-Dark Matter
-Robert Jordan
-Peter F. Hamilton
-Joan Vinge
-Jack Williamson
-Nigel Bennett
-Norman Spinrad
-Asimov's Mother's Day
-SF and Comics
- Asimov's Father's Day
-Lois McMaster Bujold
-Walter Mosley
-Steven Barnes
-Kim Stanley Robinson
-Sheri Tepper
-Ray Kurzweil

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