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March/April 2017

March/April 2017 is our official fortieth anniversary! The exciting cover story is by Asimov’s Readers’ Award-winner Suzanne Palmer. In her tense new tale, a human-created artificial intelligence—left grieving and lonely on a distant planet—may annihilate an alien lifeform over a terrible misunderstanding. Don’t miss “Number Thirty-Nine Skink”!  

Alan Smale flies us to another universe for an alternate view of “Kitty Hawk”; Ian MacLeod reveals the brutal “Wisdom of the Group”; We’ve come to expect that Damien Broderick will play with a myriad of motifs in his tales and certainly delivers in “Tao Zero”; Terry Bisson offers a wry explanation for why “We Regret the Error”; We find some twisted love in Rich Larson’s “Cupido”; while Will McIntosh provides us with another story of love gone wrong in “”; “A Singular Event in the Fourth Dimension” is a charming Asimov’s debut for new writer Andrea M. Pawley; Sarah Pinsker will break your heart with “The Ones Who Know Where They Are Going”; Ian Creasey lets us know that it will only get worse “After the Atrocity”; with “The Invasion of the Saucer-Men” Dale Bailey treats us to another of his works inspired by fifties SF movie titles; Gregory Norman Bossert lets us know who’s a “Goner”; and we’ll learn why “Three Can Keep a Secret” from a mysterious con artist in Bill Johnson & Gregory Frost’s new novelette.

Robert Silverberg’s Reflections column celebrates “Forty Years!”; “Screen Dreams,” James Patrick Kelly’s new On the Net column, looks at the film version of various SF tales while his Guest Editorial describes how much “Things Change” in forty years; Peter Heck’s On Books reviews works by Connie Willis, Jim Butcher, Bruce Sterling, and others; plus we’ll have an array of poetry and other features you’re sure to enjoy. 

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by Will McIntosh

She was damned cute. Short, close-cropped blonde hair; a wry, slightly crooked smile; round, chipmunky face. The look in her eyes was penetrating, like there was a lot going on behind them. My fingers were actually shaking as I waved open her profile. READ MORE

Short Stories

Number Thirty-Nine Skink

by Suzanne Palmer

I print a number thirty-nine skink, silver stripes that glow with their own light and its tail a resplendent blue that would make a lover of gems cry from envy. It forms and quickens under my microbeaders, first a flat plate of cells then rising like dough, Kadey’s gourmet skink cookies. I feel that first twitch when it lives, where it fights to be born, but its scales, its internal meat mechanisms are not set quite yet. READ MORE


Small Certainties

by Sara Polsky

The man who answers the phone in customer service
puts me on hold again. He’s the fourth one
to swear his system shows nothing wrong 


Guest Editorial: Things Change

by James Patrick Kelly

At MidAmeriCon II last summer, I was on a panel devoted to this magazine. Sheila Williams presided over our group, which included Connie Willis, Steve Rasnic Tem, Robert Reed, Mary Robinette Kowal, and me. Sheila introduced each of us, and we read from works that had appeared here. Afterward, we took questions from the audience. When she introduced Bob Reed, Sheila announced that he had contributed more stories to Asimov’s than any other writer, surpassing Isaac Asimov’s record.  READ MORE


Reflections: Forty Years!

by Robert Silverberg

Forty years! The time goes by in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. Well, not exactly. Forty years is practically half my life ago, and my life has been a long one. I remember when the first issue of the magazine that was then called Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine appeared, early in 1977, but it doesn’t seem like yesterday to me, or even the day before yesterday. Jimmy Carter was President in 1977.  READ MORE


On the Net: Screen Dreams

by James Patrick Kelly

You may have read someplace that writing short fiction is not the most lucrative way to earn a living. Perhaps you read it here! Now it’s true that, after a story slides into one of the coveted spots in Sheila’s table of contents, it might someday be reprinted. So, yay!  READ MORE


On Books

by Peter Heck

Willis’s latest blends near-future science fiction with screwball romantic comedy—two modes in which she has shown considerable virtuosity over her career.

The protagonist, Briddey Flannigan, works at a smartphone manufacturer trying to come up with something to compete with what’s expected to be a groundbreaking new release from Apple. READ MORE


The SF Conventional Calendar

by Erwin S. Strauss

I’ll be doing four cons in five weeks: HELIOsphere, ICon, AlbaCon and LunaCon (MidSouthCon is tempting, for 5 for 5). Wish me luck. Also consider MystiCon, MarsCon, AggieCon, Norwescon, FogCon, MiniCon, ConDor. Plan now for social weekends with your favorite SF authors, editors, artists, and fellow fans. READ MORE

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