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Stories from Asimov's have won 53 Hugos and 28 Nebula Awards, and our editors have received 20 Hugo Awards for Best Editor.

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Asimov's Science Fiction magazine was created in 1977. In the thirty years since then, we have brought you the best stories in modern science fiction, by writers such as:
Ursula K. Le Guin, Robert Silverberg, Nancy Kress,
Bruce Sterling, Connie Willis, William Gibson,
Pat Cadigan, Michael Swanwick, Joe Haldeman,
Harry Turtledove, Lucius Shepard, Mary Rosenblum,
Greg Egan, James Patrick Kelly, Brian W. Aldiss,
Orson Scott Card, Karen Joy Fowler, Frederik Pohl,
Kate Wilhelm, Harlan Ellison, Kristine Kathryn Rusch,
Brian Stableford, Gregory Benford, Janet Kagan,
Isaac Asimov himself, and hundreds of other authors.
They include both the Biggest of Big Names and rising new stars. As well as book reviews and critical essays by Norman Spinrad, Paul Di Filippo, Peter Heck, and others, award-winning cover art and interior illustrations, award-winning poetry, and even cartoons.

Thirty Years of Awards
Since its inception, stories from Asimov's have won:
Forty-One Hugo Awards,
Twenty-Four Nebula Awards,
World Fantasy Awards, Theodore Sturgeon Awards, and Homer Awards
the prestigious Locus Award for Best Magazine of the Year for an unprecedented ten years in a row,
many Science Fiction Chronicle Readers' Awards.

Its editors have won eighteen Hugo Awards for Best Editor, and for the last several years Asimov's has placed more stories on the Final Hugo Ballot than all of its competitors combined, more than twice as many as its closest competetitor. Asimov's has been called, by bestselling author Robert Silverberg, "a truly distinguished magazine, worthy of being set beside such classics of the earlier golden ages as John W. Campbell's Astounding Science Fiction of 1939-42"; The Austin Chronicle called Asimov's "the most consistently innovative and readable SF magazine on the newsstands today."


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