Asimov's Award Winning Stories

Since Asimov’s inception, it has won 75 Hugo Awards – 55 for stories and 20 for Best Editor, 30 Nebula Awards, 6 World Fantasy Awards, 14 Theodore Sturgeon Awards,16 Homer Awards, and 8 Sidewise Awards. Asimov’s Science Fiction has won the prestigious Locus Award 63 times – 18 for Best Magazine of the Year, 16 for Best Editor, and 33 for Best Story. Asimov’s has won 32 Science Fiction Chronicle Readers' Awards – 23 for stories and 9 for Best Editor.  Plus, Asimov’s readers select five annual award-winners for Best Novella, Novelette, Short Story, Poem, and Cover. 


A complete list of all our award winning stories throughout the years.

35th Annual Readers' Awards Winners

We are very excited to bring you the winners in each category of the 35th Annual Readers’ Awards.

2019 Analog An Lab Awards & Asimov's Readers' Awards

This year our celebration was by necessity a virtual one. But that just means that we are able to invite ALL to take part! Watch here for editorial and author commentary as the final results of the annual readers’ awards are announced. Watch Now.

Locus Award Nominees

See this year's Locus Award nominated stories from Asimov's.