by Brittany Hause

with a nod to Tom Brinck

in brittle limestone
alongside Archaeopteryx
your sneaker print

on a cavern wall
in red and yellow ocher
your waving hands

in crumbling cuneiform
a hasty message
about your day

on rolled papyrus
wish you were here
in careful hieroglyphs

in colored strands
of knotted llama wool
your ETA

the kettle cooling
as I wait to hear you knock
any minute now


Copyright © 2019 by Brittany Hause


Featured Poet of the Month Brittany Hause

Brittany Hause is a linguist; they also write SFF poetry. Their speculative verse has most recently appeared in Star*Line, Grievous Angel, Abyss & Apex, and Eye to the Telescope.