Conventional Calendar

by Erwin S. Strauss

Memorial Day will soon be here. Consider BaltiCon (where I’ll be), BayCon, ConQuest and MisCon. Till then, there’s RavenCon (me again), MarCon, Oasis, OdysseyCon, DemiCon, KeyCon, Ad Astra and ConStellation. Plan now for social weekends with your favorite SF authors, editors, artists, and fellow fans. For an explanation of our con(vention)s, a sample of SF folksongs, and info on fanzines and clubs, send me an SASE (self-addressed, stamped #10 [business] envelope) at 10 Hill #22-L, Newark NJ 07102. The hot line is (973) 242-5999. If a machine answers (with a list of the week’s cons), leave a message and I’ll call back on my nickel. When writing cons, send an SASE. For free listings, tell me of your con five months out. Look for me at cons behind the Filthy Pierre badge, playing a musical keyboard. Erwin S. Strauss

APRIL 2017

28–30—RavenCon. For info, write: 1219-M Gaskins Rd., Henrico VA 23238. Or phone: (973) 242-5999 (10 a.m. to 10 p.m., not collect). (Web) (E-mail) Con will be held in: Williamsburg VA (if city omitted, same as in address) at the Doubletree Hotel. Guests will include: Mercedes Lackey, Charles E. Gannon, Larry Dixon, Ed Beard Jr., Chris Addotta-Smith.
28–30—OdysseyCon. Radisson, Madison WI. Monica Valentinelli, Christopher R. Mihn, Tad Williams.
28–30—ConStellation. Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln NE. Art Guest of Honor A. E. Nixon, Toastmaster Justin Lewis.

MAY 2017

5–7—Ad Astra. Sheraton Parkway North, Richmond Hill (Toronto) ON. Brandon Sanderson, Ed Greenwood, others.
5–7—DemiCon. Holiday Inn NW, Des Moines IA. Lars Pearson, Ron Wagner, Richard Harper, Susan Leabhart.
5–7—WhoFest. Westin DFW Airport, Irving (Dallas) TX. Peter Davidson (5th Doctor). For fans of Doctor Who.
12–14—MarCon, Box 141414, Columbus OH 43214. Hyatt. Talis Kimberley, Phil and Kaja Foglio, Charles Urbach.
18–21—Nebula Awards. Marriott Center City, Pittsburgh PA. SF/Fantasy Writers of America big do. Public invited.
18–22—Misti-Con. Margate Resort, Laconia NH. For fans of Harry Potter. “Coming Home” is the theme.
19–21—Oasis, c/o OASFiS, Box 323, Goldenrod FL 32733. Sheraton N., Orlando FL. Faith Hunter, Bova, McDevitt.
19–21—KeyCon, Box 3178, Winnipeg MB R3C 4E6. Radisson. Kelley Armstrong, Laurie E. Smith, Kitty Cat Creations.
26–28—ConQuest. Kansas City MO. Robert J. Sawyer, Afua Richardson, Jonathan Maberry, Zac Zacarola.
26–28—Manticon. Bloomington (Minneapolis) MN. David and Sharon Weber, Marko Kloos, Dale Dye. Military SF.
26–29—BaltiCon, c/o BSFS, Box 686, Baltimore MD 21203. (410) 563-2737. Marriott. Eric Flint, Donato Giancola.
26–29—BayCon, Box 62108, Sunnyvale CA 94088. SFO Marriott, San Mateo (San Francisco) CA. Daniel Abraham, others.
26–29—MisCon, Box 7721, Missoula MT 59807. (406) 360-8876. Philo Barnhart, Aaron Douglas, Claire Eddy.
26–29—WisCon, Box 1624, Madison WI 53701. (503) 233-8850. Concourse Hotel. Amal El-Mohtar. Feminism & SF.
26–29—MediaWest*Con. Ramada, Lansing MI. For fans of SF/fantasy/horror media. No invited guests.
31–June 2—Book Expo America. Javits Center, New York NY. The premier US event for the book trade.

JUNE 2017

1–4—MythMoot. Nat’l. Conference Center, Leesburg (near DC) VA. Academic meet on myth and high fantasy.
2–4—ConCarolinas. Charlotte NC. Aureli Haire, Sherilyn Kenyon, Stephanie Osborn, Toni Weisskopf, others.
2–4—LexiCon, the New Zealand National SF and Fantasy Convention. Suncourt Hotel, Taupa NZ.
8–11—SpaceFest. (800) 727-6682. Tucson AZ. The annual space development conference.
9–12—Australia National SF and Fantasy Con. Jasper Hotel, Melbourne Australia. Seanan McGuire (Mira Grant).
14–18—Origins, 240 N. 5th #340, Columbus OH 43215. Convention Center, Columbus OH. Huge gaming event.

JULY 2017

6–9—NorthAmeriCon 2017, c/o LALS, Box 696, Mesa AZ 85211. San Juan PR. With WorldCon overseas. $100.


9–13—WorldCon 75, c/o Maa ja ilma ry, PO Box 665, Helsinki 00101, Finland. Helsinki, Finland. ⇔170/US$185.


16–20—WorldCon 76, Box 61363, Sunnyvale CA 94088. Convention Center, San Jose CA. WorldCon for 2018. $190.

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