Conventional Calendar

by Erwin S. Strauss

October is a busy month. My picks range from coast to coast this time: CONtraflow, Archon, EerieCon, VCon, CapClave (where I’ll be), ConClave, ConStellation, ValleyCon, MileHiCon, ICon and NecronomiCon. Whew! Plan now for social weekends with your favorite SF authors, editors, artists, and fellow fans. For an explanation of our con(vention)s, a sample of SF folksongs, and info on fanzines and clubs, send me an SASE (self-addressed, stamped #10 [business] envelope) at 10 Hill #22-L, Newark NJ 07102. The hot line is (973) 242-5999. If a machine answers (with a list of the week’s cons), leave a message and I’ll call back on my nickel. When writing cons, send an SASE. For free listings, tell me of your con five months out. Look for me at cons behind the Filthy Pierre badge, playing a musical keyboard. Erwin S. Strauss


14–16—ValleyCon, Box 7702, Fargo ND 58106. Bayfront Inn and Suites. Jeffrey Combs, Christie Golden.

14–16—FranHurst. (502) 448-6562 or (502) 267-9270. Jeffersontown (Louisville) KY. SF/fantasy relaxacon.

14–16—James River Writers’ Conference. Convention Center, Richmond VA. Writers’ workshop.

14–16—Ireland National SF and Fantasy Con. Camden Court Hotel, Dublin Ireland. Diane Duane, Peter Morwood.

15—ImagiCon. De ReeHorst, Ede Netherlands. Science fiction, comics, horror, fantasy.

15–16—Space Days. Darmstadt Germany. SF, fantasy and space travel, with emphasis on model building.

19–23—IlluxCon. Doubletree, Reading PA. Celebrating illustration in all its forms. “Imaginative Realism” is the theme.

20–23—Sirens. Denver CO. R. Ahdieh, L. J. Marks, K. I. Salaam. Celebrating women in fantasy.

21–23—Arcana, c/o Box 8036, Minneapolis MN 55401. St. Paul MN. Kathe Koja. The dark fantastic, weird, macabre.

21–23—Creation, 217 S. Kenwood, Glendale CA 91205. (818) 409-0960. Atlanta GA. Commercial Supernatural con.

21–23—Anime USA. Marriott Wardman Park, Washington DC. K. Oxley, J. Saxton, A. Tipton, J. Grelle. Big anime 


9–13—WorldCon 75. Helsinki, Finland. J.-H. Holmberg, N. Hopkinson, J. Sinisalo, C.Wending, W. J. Williams. $110/¤95.

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