Conventional Calendar

by Erwin S. Strauss

I’m taking the month of September off from the con circuit to rest up from the Kansas City WorldCon; but our own Sheila Williams will be at Can-Con. Other good cons for Asimovians are BuboniCon and FenCon. Plan now for social weekends with your favorite SF authors, editors, artists, and fellow fans. For an explanation of our con(vention)s, a sample of SF folksongs, and info on fanzines and clubs, send me an SASE (self-addressed, stamped #10 [business] envelope) at 10 Hill #22-L, Newark NJ 07102. The hot line is (973) 242-5999. If a machine answers (with a list of the week’s cons), leave a message and I’ll call back on my nickel. When writing cons, send an SASE. For free listings, tell me of your con five months out. Look for me at cons behind the Filthy Pierre badge, playing a musical keyboard. Erwin S. Strauss


2–4—Days of the Dead. Crowne Plaza Airport, Louisville KY. “Return of the Living Dead” cast reunion.

2–5—DragonCon. (404) 669-0773. Atlanta GA. Many guests. Comics, media, gaming. Five-figure attendance.

3–4—TraCon. Tampere Hall, Tampere Finland. Jennifer Brozek. Free admission for foreigners.

8–11—Oxonmoot. St. Antony’s College, Oxford UK. The works of J. R. R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings, etc.).

9–11—Can-Con. Novotel Hotel, Ottawa ON. Tanya Huff, Sheila Williams. Canadian SF, fantasy and horror.

9–11—StarKane, c/o Box 563, Otis Orchards WA 99027. Post Falls ID. Artist Rick Sternbach, Tim Russ. Star Trek.

9–11—Creation. Contact as below. Westin O’Hare, Rosemont (Chicago) IL. Commercial event for “Star Trek” fans.

9–11—Creation. Contact as below. Hyatt O’Hare, Rosemont (Chicago) IL. Commercial event for “Supernatural” fans.

15–18—BoucherCon. New Orleans LA. Harlan Coben, R. L. Stine. The world convention for mystery fans.

16–18—Intervention. Rockville MD (near DC). Gigi Edgley, others. SF, fantasy and future media.

16–18—Creation, 217 S. Kenwood, Glendale CA 91205. (818) 409-0960. Dallas TX. “Supernatural” event.

16–18—CoperniCon. Centrum Sztuki, Torun Poland.

17–18—Geek Gathering. Jameson Inn, Sheffield AL. S. L. Schwartz, Zac King. Comics, fantasy, horror, SF.

18–20—Israel National SF, Fantasy & Horror Convention. Somewhere in Israel (Web site entirely in Hebrew).

22—Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony. Sanders Theater, Cambridge MA. Research that makes you laugh and then think.

22–25—Horror Film Fest. New Orleans LA.

23–25—FenCon, Box701448, Dallas TX 75370. Westin DFW, Irving (Dallas) TX. Jim C. Hines, the Suttons, E. Friesner.

23–25—Creation. Contact as above. Westin O’Hare, Rosemont (Chicago) IL. Commercial event for fans of StarGate SG-1.

23–25—FantasyCon. Grand Hotel and The Royal, Scarborough UK. Francis Hardinge, Adam Nevill, Scott Lynch.

23–25—Faebles. Renaissance Heathrow, London UK. Kesenia Solo, Zoie Palmer, K. C. Collins. The Lost Girl series.

23–25—Sherlocked. ExCel Centre, London UK. Phil Davis, M. Gatiss, others. For fans of the Sherlock series.

24—Twin Cities Zine Fest. Walker Community United Methodist Church, Minneapolis MN. Self-publishing.

24–25—RoberCon. Roberson Museum, Binghamton NY. Chase Masterson (“Leeta” on ST:DS9).

25–27—Diabolique International Film Festival. Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington IN. Horror film.


9–13—WorldCon 75. Helsinki, Finland. J.-H. Holmberg, N. Hopkinson, J. Sinisalo, C.Wending, W. J. Williams. $110/¤95.

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