Conventional Calendar

by Erwin S. Strauss

I’ll be doing four cons in five weeks: HELIOsphere, ICon, AlbaCon and LunaCon (MidSouthCon is tempting, for 5 for 5). Wish me luck. Also consider MystiCon, MarsCon, AggieCon, Norwescon, FogCon, MiniCon, ConDor. Plan now for social weekends with your favorite SF authors, editors, artists, and fellow fans. For an explanation of our con(vention)s, a sample of SF folksongs, and info on fanzines and clubs, send me an SASE (self-addressed, stamped #10 [business] envelope) at 10 Hill #22-L, Newark NJ 07102. The hot line is (973) 242-5999. If a machine answers (with a list of the week’s cons), leave a message and I’ll call back on my nickel. When writing cons, send an SASE. For free listings, tell me of your con five months out. Look for me at cons behind the Filthy Pierre badge, playing a musical keyboard. Erwin S. Strauss


24–26—MystiCon. For info, write: 10 Hill St. #22-L, Newark NJ 07102. Or phone: (973) 242-5999 (10 a.m. to 10 p.m., not collect). (Web) (E-mail) Con will be held in: Roanoke VA (if city omitted, same as in address) at the Holiday Inn Tanglewood. Guests will include: David Weber, Hazel Dayze, Mark Davis.

24–26—ConNooga. Choo Choo Hotel, Chattanooga TN. A multi-fandom convention, with comics and anime.

25—StellarCon. University of North Carolina at Greensboro, East University Center, Greensboro NC.

MARCH 2017

3–5—ConDor. San Diego CA. Barbara Hambly, Vernor Vinge, Val Ontell.

3–5—MarsCon. Hilton, Bloomington (Minneapolis) MN. Sharon Lee, Steve Miller, R. Ryan.

3–5—CoastCon. Mississippi Coast Convention Center, Biloxi MS. Eric Flint, Jason Carter. Gaming, cosplay, fandom.

10–12—HELIOsphere. Doubletree, Tarrytown NY. David Gerrold. A new general SF, fantasy, horror convention.

10–12—FogCon, c/o Box 3764, Hayward CA 94540. Marriott, Walnut Creek (San Francisco) CA. D. Sherman, I. Banks.

10–12—RevelCon, c/o Box 6294, Houston TX 77265. Crowne Plaza NW. Adult relax-a-con and zine fest.

17–19—ICon, c/o Box 550, Stony Brook NY 11790. Suffolk County Community College, Brentwood NY. It’s back!

17–19—ConGT. Clarksville TN. Sophie Aldred, Frazier Hines, Colin Spaull, Andrew Cartmel, others. Dr. Who.

22–26—IAFA. Airport Marriott, Orlando FL. Steven Erikson, N. K. Jemisin, Brian Aldiss. Informal academic meet.

24–26—MidSouthCon, c/o Box 17724, Memphis TN 38187. Hilton, E. Memphis TN. Jack Campbell, Tom DeFalco.

24–26—AggieCon, SOST, TAMU, 125 Kolder, stop 1236, slot 780, College Station TX 77043. Hilton. General SF and fantasy con.

24–26—Regeneration Who. Renaissance, Baltimore MD. Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor), Peter Purves. Dr. Who.

31–Apr. 2—AlbaCon, c/o Box 2085, Albany NY 12220. Best Western Airport Inn. Charles E. Gannon. SF/fantasy.

31–Apr. 2—ConBust. Smith College, Northampton MA. Holly Black, Sharyn November, others.

APRIL 2017

7–9—LunaCon, c/o Box 3137, New York NY 10163. Marriott, Tarrytown NY. Ben Bova, Bob Eggleton, Roberta Rogow.

7–9—ConGlomeration. Louisville KY. J. G. Hertzler (General Martok, Klingon High Command). Star Trek.

13–16—Norwescon, c/o 100 Andover Park W., #150-#165, Tukwila WA 98188. Seatac (Seattle) WA. Many guests.

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