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Chris Willrich grew up in Washington State, but he’s spent most of his adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives with his family. Although he’s had interesting jobs on a newspaper and aboard a harbor cruise ship, he’s mostly worked in libraries, and strange books and even stranger libraries often appear in his stories. He’s best known for his Gaunt and Bone fantasy series, which includes his most recent novel, The Chart of Tomorrows (Pyr), and which began in a Goblin Library in the story “The Thief with Two Deaths” (2000). His latest tale was inspired by a visit to Los Angeles’ Getty Center.

In addition to Asimov’s, Dominica Phetteplace has sold work to Analog, F&SF, Escape Pod, Lightspeed, and Clarkesworld. Her Asimov’s story “Project Empathy” was a finalist for the Sturgeon Award and selected by Rich Horton for his Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017. Her honors include a Rona Jaffe Award and a Steinbeck Fellowship at San Jose State University. The author began working on her latest story while she attended the Clarion West Workshop in 2007. Dominica tells us she tinkered with this time-travel tale every now and then until arriving at the final version. “Opening a long abandoned draft is it’s own form of time travel, and it’s not always unpleasant.”

Leah Cypess is the author of four young adult fantasy novels, starting with Mistwood, and of the fantasy novella “Timshala.” She published her first science fiction story in Asimov’s in 2011. Her tenth tale to be published in the magazine—And, so far, the longest—takes a look at the traumatic aftermath of “The Disappeared.”

Harry Turtledove’s contemporary supernatural thriller, Alpha and Omega, will be coming out in July from Del Rey. His latest short story takes an alternate look at received wisdom on cognitive behavior. The author wishes to thank Jeffrey Deutsch—a long-time Asperger’s counselor—for his help with the tale.

Maggie Shen King is the author of An Excess Male, one of The Washington Post’s 5 Best SFF Novels of 2017. “Ball and Chain,” the story that launched that novel, was first published in our February 2014 issue. Maggie’s short stories have appeared in the New York Times, Ecotone, ZYZZYVA, and more. The author’s latest tale places a harrowing responsibility on a nascent A.I.

Ian McHugh’s first success as a fiction writer was winning the short story contest at his local science fiction convention in Canberra, Australia, in 2004. Since then, he’s had over forty stories published, including several in Asimov’s. His full bibliography, including links to read past tales online, can be found at Ian’s disturbing new tale about human and alien contact reveals why it’s a “Story with Two Names.”

Ray Nayler has lived and worked in Russia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and the Caucasus for well over a decade. He is a Foreign Service Officer, and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Turkmenistan. He speaks Russian, Albanian, and Azerbaijani Turkish. Ray’s most recent foreign assignment was as Press Attaché in Baku, Azerbaijan, and he is currently headed to Pristina, Kosovo, where he will manage Cultural Affairs for the U.S. Embassy. This is his sixth story for Asimov’s. You can read his work and follow him at

As a dog trainer, Tegan Moore has learned again and again that the smarter an animal, the more likely they will come up with creative solutions to problems, often unexpected ones.

In addition to Asimov’s, Nick Wolven has new stories coming out in Analog and F&SF. His newest tale for us was written in part to challenge the idea that technology, especially information technology, always leads to greater distraction. Why should it be so? Maybe we’ll one day come to find that the distinction between distraction and concentration isn’t as clear as it seems.

Finder, the first novel by Hugo-Award-winning author Suzanne Palmer, was recently published by DAW Books. Undertow, her second novel, should be out next spring. Fortunately, Suzanne still has time to pen shorter works like this amazing new novella about the uneasy coexistent of multiple intelligences and their waterlines.

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