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May/June 2024 Vol. 48 Nos. 5 & 6


Barbarians by Rich Larson

To Make an End by William Preston

Maragi’s Secret by Michèle Laframboise


The Rattler by Leonid Kaganov

In the Palace of Science by Chris Campbell


Last Thursday by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Arazem-2 Is Waiting for a Letter by Amal Singh

The Shadow Box by M. Bennardo

Renting to Killers by Elena Pavlova (Translated by Elena Pavlova & Kalin M. Nenov)

Cynthia in the Subflooring by Christopher Rowe


A Night in Ibadan by Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí

Equipose, 4000 AD by Bruce Boston

Fibonacci Rules the Household by Robert Frazier

Pioneer 10 Looks back by David Barber

Bad Luck for the Fates by Dawn Vogel

Life During the Lazarus Age by Robert Frazier

Granny Gardener by Gretchen Tessmer


Guest Editorial: Vertical Farming and Reaching for a Better Future by A.T. Greenblatt

Reflections: More Shaggy Cousins by Robert Silverberg

On the Net: Lengthwise by James Patrick Kelly

Thought Experiment: Giant Monsters, Kaiju, and the Bomb in Godzilla by Kelly Lagor

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On Books by Kelly Jennings


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