Table of Contents

March/April 2020 Vol. 44 Nos. 3 & 4


Semper Augustus, by Nancy Kress


In Our Stars, by James Gunn

Beyond the Tattered Veil of Stars, by Mercurio D. Rivera

Opportunity Space, by Nathan Hillstrom


A Summary of our Neighborhood’s Salvation After the Storm, by Jason Sanford

Skin, by Garrett Ashley

Rena in the Desert, by Lia Swope Mitchell

So Long as We Both, by Tom Purdom

Return to the Red Castle, by Ray Nayler

Tachyon Hearts Cannot Love, by Derek Künsken


Your Clone Seeks Cardinal Truths, by Robert Frazier

Relic, by Jane Yolen


Guest Editorial: Thoughts on a Definition of Science Fiction, by David D. Levine

Reflections: Do Androids Dream of Electric Popes? By Robert Silverberg

On the Net: Who Are You Calling a Punk? by James Patrick Kelly

Next Issue

On Books, by Peter Heck

The SF Conventional Calendar, by Erwin S. Strauss



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