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Table of Contents

January/February 2023 Vol. 47 Nos. 1 & 2


Up and Out by Norman Spinrad

My Year as a Boy by David Ira Cleary



The Roots in the Box and the Roots in the Bones by T. K. Rex

The Less than Divine Invasion by Peter Wood



Alien Housing  by Karen Heuler

Woman of the River by Genevieve Williams

Cigarettes and Coffee by Ramsey Shehadeh

Jamais Vue by Tochi Onyebuchi

Tooniverse Telemarketer by Rudy Rucker

What We Call Science, They Call Treason by Dominica Phetteplace



Argos by Mary Soon Lee

Apocalypse by Tyler James Russell

Pulsar by James Arthur Anderson

Eumillipes persephone by Dawn Macdonald

19 April 2021 (Kitty Hawk II) by Joe Haldeman

When Arthur, then a Boy, Came to Me by Mary Soon Lee

The Next Step by Timons Esaias


Editorial: Party! by Sheila Williams

Reflections: Farewell to the Vinland Map by  Robert Silverberg

On the Net: Your Probable, Plausible, Possible Lunch by James Patrick Kelly

Thought Experiment: The Showing and Telling of Metropolis and Fritz Lang by Kelly Lagor

Next Issue

On Books by Norman Spinrad

Asimov’s Readers’ Award Ballot

2022 Index

The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss

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