Table of Contents

November/December 2021 Vol. 45 Nos. 11 & 12


La Terrienne by John Richard Trtek


Hanai by Gregory Norman Bossert

Dream Interpretation by Jack Skillingstead

The Gem of Newfoundland by Sandra McDonald

Czerny at Midnight by Sheila Finch

From the Fire by Leah Cypess

Daydream Believer by R. Garcia y Robertson


Muallim by Ray Nayler

And the Raucous Depths Abide by Sam Schreiber

Striding The Blast by Gregory Feeley

Bread and Circuits by Misha Lenau

The Ones Who Walk Away from the Ones Who Walk Away by David Gerrold

Tau Ceti Said What? by Jack McDevitt


I Am Apple Orchard by Mark C. Childs

Tracks by Bruce Boston

Disrupted Patterns by Jennifer Crow

Chalk and Carbon by Marissa Lingen

Your Memories Are Sponsored by a Fossil Fuel Company by Matt Thompson

A Separate Resonance by P M F Johnson

The Tsuchinoko Always Lies by Megan Branning


Editorial: Thirty-Fifth Annual Readers’ Awards’ Results by Sheila Williams

Reflections: A Bad Day for the Dinosaurs by Robert Silverberg

On the Net: Super! by James Patrick Kelly

Next Issue

On Books by Norman Spinrad

The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss



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