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Author's Corner

Meet the Who’s Who of Asimov’s Science Fiction authors. Learn about what makes our writers tick through their posts, articles, and podcasts. Come by frequently – there’s always something happening!

Since its creation in 1977, Asimov’s has showcased both leading science-fiction writers and promising new writers in the genre. Authors of short fiction, certainly, but also contributors of book reviews, critical essays, award-winning poetry, award-winning cover art, and more. See who has appeared in our pages.

Enjoy exciting new adventures taking place across the universe. Written by the world’s most talented science-fiction authors, you won’t want to miss a single story! See who is appearing this issue.

Learn what’s on the minds of our contributors “From Earth to the Stars”—our blog hosts author Q&As and think pieces.

Enjoy your favorite Asimov’s stories narrated by up-and-coming Asimov’s authors and editors.. Get listening.  

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