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From its earliest days in 1977 under the editorial direction of Isaac Asimov, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine has maintained the tradition of publishing the best stories, unsurpassed in modern science fiction, from award-winning authors and first-time writers alike.  In recent years, Asimov's has placed more stories on the Final Hugo Ballot than all of its competitors combined, and more than twice as many as its closest competitor. Bestselling author Robert Silverberg calls Asimov’s "a truly distinguished magazine, worthy of being set beside such classics of the earlier golden ages as John W. Campbell's Astounding Science Fiction of 1939-42."  The Austin Chronicle lauds Asimov's as "the most consistently innovative and readable SF magazine on the newsstands today."  


Have you ever wondered where George R. R. Martin’s Daenerys Targaryen first appeared on the printed page? Where Kim Stanly Robinson first staked his claim on “Green Mars”? Who first published Octavia E. Butler’s Hugo and Nebula Award winning short fiction? What magazine was home to the first professional fiction publications of Jonathan Lethem, Kelly Link, and Allen M. Steele? Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, of course!  READ MORE


From Hugo and Nebula Awards to World Fantasy Awards, Theodore Sturgeon Awards, Homer Awards, and the prestigious Locus Award for Best Magazine of the Year, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine continues to receive unprecedented recognition for its stories, authors, and editors.  READ MORE

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Take a journey through the history of Asimov’s via its iconic covers!

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