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The Court Martial of the Renegat Renegades, Part I
Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Things to Do When You're Dead
Alastair Reynolds

A Necromancer Collects
Lesley Hart Gunn

Sheila Williams

Bring Back the Woolly Mammoth?
Robert Silverberg 


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Asimov’s November/December 2022 brings us the stunning conclusion to The Court Martial of the Renegat Renegades by Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Mysteries are revealed and enigmas are untangled . . .

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Welcome to Asimov’s Science Fiction. Fulfilling a lifelong goal, I started my career with Asimov’s in 1982 believing it was the best magazine on earth. I still do.

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine continues to bring together celebrated authors, new talent, and award-winning stories, poems, and articles as it has for over 35 years. The premier literary magazine in the genre, Asimov’s rewards readers with an exciting new trove of adventures in each issue that transport them on journeys examining the human experience across the Universe.

The perfect gathering place to meet the Who’s Who of Asimov’s Science Fiction authors! We feature posts, articles, and podcasts from our writers. Come by frequently – you never know what you’ll discover! 

We’ll feature Part I of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s excellent new short novel, The Court Martial of the Renegat Renegades in Asimov’s September/October 2022 issue. This spellbinding SF/mystery considers the enigma within the puzzle that shrouds all that occurred aboard the Renegat. Greg Egan brings us a long novelette about “Solidity” that is both heart breaking and empowering.

Our annual “Slightly Spooky” issue is packed with eerie tales. Alastair Reynolds proves there are “Things to Do in Deimos When You’re Dead”; Eileen‚ÄąGunn haunts us with a horrifying “One Night Stand”; Jendayi Brooks-Flemister chills and consoles with “Bakehafu OK”; Eleanor Arnason introduces us to “Grandmother Troll” . . .

A potpourri of resources both practical and whimsical – from Writer’s Submission Guidelines, the Calendar of Science Fiction events, and Asimov’s editorial archives to News you can use, the Asimov’s Index, Podcasts, and Cartoons.

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The Court Martial of the Renegat Renegades, Part I

by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

A hand slapped the side of her desk, jarring Lucinda Arias awake. She had drool on her left cheek, which she wiped off with a knuckle that wasn’t entirely clean. She couldn’t remember the last time she took a shower.

“Hey, Arias,” a male voice said near her. “Snap to.”

God, she hated that old phrase. And the fact that someone had used it meant she was dealing with the Old Man. READ MORE


Things to Do in Deimos When You’re Dead

by Alastair Reynolds

Per Ludecus woke with his face pressed to black marble.

He remembered almost nothing. He had no idea where he was or how he had got there.

He was laid out too artfully to have just stumbled and blacked out. It was more as if he had stretched out to sleep, letting go of a spray of cut flowers that he must have been holding. Their pastel-colored bulbs formed a frozen firework-burst around his head and upper body. READ MORE


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