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The Goose
Rick Wilber

Work Minus Eighty
Will McIntosh

Going Up to Hanford
Ursula Whitcher

The 2022 Dell Magazines Awards
Sheila Williams

Looking Backward
Robert Silverberg 


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We’ll feature Part I of Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s excellent new short novel, The Court Martial of the Renegat Renegades in Asimov’s September/October 2022 issue. This spellbinding SF/mystery considers . . .

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Welcome to Asimov’s Science Fiction. Fulfilling a lifelong goal, I started my career with Asimov’s in 1982 believing it was the best magazine on earth. I still do.

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine continues to bring together celebrated authors, new talent, and award-winning stories, poems, and articles as it has for over 35 years. The premier literary magazine in the genre, Asimov’s rewards readers with an exciting new trove of adventures in each issue that transport them on journeys examining the human experience across the Universe.

The perfect gathering place to meet the Who’s Who of Asimov’s Science Fiction authors! We feature posts, articles, and podcasts from our writers. Come by frequently – you never know what you’ll discover! 

Our July/August 2022 issue features Rick Wilber’s blockbuster alternate-history novella about “The Goose.” This story includes Nazi spies enmeshed in the movie industry, Hollywood personalities, high school sophomore and brilliant shortstop Billie the Kid, and even the Spruce Goose.

Revolution seems to be coming for Will McIntosh’s frozen Bridesicles in “Work Minus Eighty”; Jack McDevitt treats us to some “Cosmic Harmony”; Octavia Cade takes us to the beach to investigate “Pollen and Salt”; Jonathan Sherwood spins a complex tale of “Retrocausality”; in K.A. Teryna’s “Tin Pilot,” augmented veterans are hunted by their government; a desperate rescue mission on a distant planet rivets from beginning to end in Michèle Laframboise’s “Screaming Fire”. . .

A potpourri of resources both practical and whimsical – from Writer’s Submission Guidelines, the Calendar of Science Fiction events, and Asimov’s editorial archives to News you can use, the Asimov’s Index, Podcasts, and Cartoons.

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The Goose

by Rick Wilber

APRIL 23, 2041

Eddie Bennett wasn’t Eddie Bennett in this timeline but, instead, a professor named Elizabeth Stern, who was getting in a brisk dawn walk for some much-needed exercise before teaching her graduate seminar, “Applications for Personal Finance,” at Niagara University. The campus was north of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. A private university with a few thousand undergrads and half again as many grad students, NU was perfect cover for someone smart enough to hold a doctorate and publish some papers and get her tenure even as she lived the double life the real job required of her. READ MORE


Work Minus Eighty

by Will McIntosh

The frosted glass plate was semi-opaque, meant to create a sense of mystery for the client as he set eyes on his potential bride for the first time. As the plate slid down, revealing Helen Carson’s stiff blue-white skin, her frosted eyelashes, my training immediately kicked, even though it was a face I knew well. A bit too round (clients preferred classic beauties to cherubic cuties), eyes on the small side. The red hair and freckles weren’t necessarily a flaw, but they shifted her into a fetish category—either clients specifically wanted a ginger, or they didn’t. READ MORE


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