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Asimov’s July/August 2019 is jam-packed with moving, thoughtful, and exciting tales! Our double-issue format makes it possible to present Suzanne Palmer’s giant novella. In “Waterlines,” multiple intelligent beings cohabit a distant planet. Humans dwell on the surface while the Oceanics reside in the water. Until recently, their coexistence has mostly been peaceful, but when an Oceanic “Walker” shows up unexpectedly, the surface administer discovers that something terrible is about to transpire.


In her wonderful novella—which we’ve also managed to squeeze into this issue—Tegan Moore reveals “What Wolves Know.” Our novelettes and short stories rock, too! Leah Cypess mulls the mystery of “The Disappeared”; Ray Nayler investigates “The Ocean Between the Leaves”; and on Ceres, a grandfather attempts to connect with his family in Nick Wolven’s “The Terminal Zone.” Prepare for a very sad “Story With‚ÄąTwo Names” while accompanying Ian McHugh to another world; Harry Turtledove will show us how to be a “Speaker to Emos”; Dominica Phetteplace escorts us to “The Universe Within the Universe”; Maggie Shen King’s naïve AI must make a wrenching decision in “Ardy’s Choice”; and Chris Willrich correlates the “Fragments from the Library of Cygnus X-1.”


Robert Silverberg’s Reflections embarks on “Imaginary Voyages”; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net observes the “Full Moon”; Peter Heck’s On Books considers multiple works by N.K. Jemison, as well as books by Gardner Dozois, Dale Bailey, and others. Plus we’ll have an array of poetry you’re sure to enjoy. Look for our July/August 2019 issue on sale at newsstands on June 18, 2019. Or subscribe to Asimov’s in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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