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Our special Slightly Spooky September/October 2024 issue is  jam packed with spooky tales. “The Four Sisters Overlooking the Sea” cast judgment in Naomi Kritzer’s disquieting novelette set on the New England coast; Stephanie Feldman spins a truly terrifying short tale about “Bachelorettes on the Devil’s Dance Floor” in an odd German village; and Susan Shwartz’s strange story combines operatic lore, a WWII battlefield, and “Project Fafnir.” Perfect tales for an eerie fall evening!


Spookiness permeates new author Zohar Jacob’s NASA ghost story about “An Unplanned Hold”; electronic ghosts play a role in new author R.P. Sand’s “Eternity Is Moments”; it’s all science fiction in new author Betsy Aoki’s novelette about an alien invasion, game design, “And to Their Shining Palaces Go”; while new author Anita Vijayakumar enchants us with “Bitter Chai, Sweet Chai.” Robert Reed’s chilling novelette relates “All the Homes of Terror”; Ray Nayler exposes a bleak truth in “A Gray Magic”; a charming ghost is present in “Art Deco Farmhouse, Original Hardwood Floors, Slightly Haunted” by Alice Towey; “Heartshock” is a deeply disturbing far-future hard SF tale by Nick Wolven; James Patrick Kelly explores the reality of dating a hive mind “In the Dark”; and there is much that is unforgettable about Robert R. Chase’s “Lost Recall.”


Robert Silverberg’s Reflections considers “The Man Who Saw the Future”; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net reveals “The Music of the Future”; Norman Spinrad’s On Books introduces us to “Citizens of the Galaxy; Kelly Lagor’s Thought Experiment amuses and unsettles us with “Nuclear War, Satire, and the grotesque in Dr. Strangelove”; plus we’ll have an array of poetry and additional features you’re sure to enjoy.

You’ll find our September/October 2024 issue on sale at newsstands on August 13, 2024. Or subscribe to Asimov’s Science Fiction in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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