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We’ve certainly got some “mindbenders” in our November/December 2019 issue! Rudy Rucker & Marc Laidlaw continue to chronicle the mad antics of accidental mathematicians Zep and Del who, as usual, take to the waves. In this instance, they are “Surfers at the End of Time”! In his own ongoing series, the thrilling mystery deepens as Allen M. Steele’s characters “Escape from Sanctuary.”


Another November/December mindbender is James Gunn’s “Quantum Theory”; “SeeApp” is a deeply disturbing tale by James Van Pelt; James Patrick Kelly rounds out our unofficial “Jim” issue with an unsettling tale about the “Selfless”; Octavia Cade sets up an unusual conundrum “Inside the Body of Relatives”; Ray Nayler bends our minds around “The Disintegration Loops”; Kali Wallace takes us off-planet to solve the enigma of “The River of Blood and Wine”; complexities build upon complexities in Michael Swanwick’s “Cloud”; “The Airwalker Comes to the City in Green” in Siobhan Carroll’s first tale for Asimov’s; R. Garcia y Robertson brings us another rousing story about the adventures of “Commander Amanda;” and Harry Turtledove takes a dark look at an alternate “Christmas Truce”!


“California Secedes!” or, maybe not, in Robert Silverberg’s Reflections; James Patrick Kelly demands to know “Where Are the CRISPR Cops?” in On the Net; and Norman Spinrad’s On Books ponders the “State of the Art.” Plus we’ll have an array of poetry and other features that you’re sure to enjoy.  Look for our November/December 2019 issue on sale at newsstands on October 22, 2019. Or subscribe to Asimov’s in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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