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Our March/April 2020 blockbuster novella, “Semper Augustus,” by Nancy Kress is practically a novel. This thrilling tale of the near future takes on complex multi-generation family members, poverty and violence, extreme wealth disparity and revolution, as well as genetics, aliens, and some startling revelations. Don’t miss it!


Nathan Hillstrom’s far-future tale considers the dangers and possibilities of “Opportunity Space”; in “As Long as We Both” Tom Purdom considers the politics of marriage in a future where partners are very long-lived; Mercurio D. Rivera shows us that “Beyond the Tattered Veil of Stars” reality may not be quite as it appears; Derek Künsken explores deep time and space to find out why “Tachyon Hearts Do Not Love”; Garrett Ashley exposes us to some unsettling “Skin”; we’ll find “Rena in the Desert” in new author Lia Swope Mitchell’s story about the barren west; after a disastrous interstellar expedition, Ray Nayler holds out hope that a “Return to the Red Castle” will bring some solace; for James Gunn, the resolution of a couple’s quest to determine if humanity’s sorrows are due to an indifferent universe or a malignant intelligence may be found “In Our Stars”; and “A Summary of Our Neighbor­hood’s Salvation After the Storm” by Jason Sanford is a sometimes tragic and often wry depiction of certain philosophical and earthly mysteries.


Robert Silverberg’s Reflections column jolts us with the galvanizing question: “Do Androids Dream of Electric Popes?”; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net asks “Who Are You Calling Punk?”; Peter Heck’s On Books says enough with the questions, let’s all read works by Suzanne Palmer, Sarah Pinsker, Chuck Wendig, Cixin Liu, Richard K. Morgan, and others; plus we’ll have an array of poetry and additional features you’re sure to enjoy. Look for our March/April 2020 issue on sale at newsstands on February 18, 2020. Or subscribe to Asimov’s in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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