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Search no further for the perfect holiday gift! Asimov’s November/ December 2020 is stuffed with two splendid seasonal tales. Spend “Christmas at the Hilbert Astoria” with Santa as he investigates a disturbing mystery. Sam Schreiber’s clever cover story is his first tale for Asimov’s. We’re thrilled to have a multiple-holiday-spanning new novella from Connie Willis! “Take a Look at the Five and Ten” while unwrapping a complex story about memory, families, and much much more.


Are loads of other goodies! Will the reader or Chen Quifan’s first story for Asimov’s, “Forger Mr. Z,” unravel first? “Return to Glory” with Jack McDevitt’s intriguing homage; “Return to Earth” of the far future with James Gunn; Alaya Dawn Johnson returns to our pages with a deeply perceptive look at “The Mirages”; best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson and long-time Asimov’s pro Rick Wilber give us an exciting story about “The Hind”; while also new to Asimov’s author Kate Maruyama creates a poignant “Footprint”; Zack Be tells us to “Pull it from the Root”; Marissa Lingen considers enigmatic alien visitors and “Grief, as Faithful as my Hound”; and the frozen terror of “The Long Iapeten Night” by Julie Novakova will unsettle even the bravest among us.


The Citadel of the Old Ones may show up in Robert Silverberg’s Reflections: “Finding the Mountains of Madness”; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net reveals “What Information Wants”; Paul Di Filippo’s On Books reviews works by Zenna Henderson, James Blaylock, Eoin Colfer, Alistair Reynolds, Neal Asher, and others. Look for our November/December 2020 issue on sale at newsstands on October 20, 2020. Or subscribe to Asimov’s in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.


New stories by Kevin J. Anderson & Rick Wilber, Fran Wilde, Jack McDevitt, Chen Quifan, Alaya Dawn Johnson, James Gunn, Rahul Kanakia, Sam Schreiber, Julie Novakova, and others.

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