Terra Incognita

by Fred D. White

The world is always a map of the world:
think North America circa 1500:
vast empty spaces, terra incognita,
as if some land masses had not formed—
and in a sense, they had not: the mind
orchestrates reality, composing
and re-composing the world.
Even computer-precise maps
distort the fractal reality of coastlines,
just as my hands must fail
in their longing to define and redefine
your body, protean as an ocean,
forever (gratefully so!)
beyond my or anyone else’s knowing.

Copyright © 2019 by Fred D. White


Featured Poet of the Month  Fred D. White

A professor emeritus of English (Santa Clara University), Fred enjoys writing across the spectrum of genres. His publications include poetry in Allegro Poetry Magazine, Analog, The Cape Rock, Euphony, Rattle, and South Carolina Review; fiction and humor in Drunk Monkeys, Aphelion, Praxis, Clockwise Cat, and Limestone; and essays in Gemini, Pleiades, Southwest Review, Wilderness House Literary Review, and Writer’s Digest. Fred’s most recent books are The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus and Writing Flash. He lives near Sacramento, CA, with his wife, Therese (an attorney), and their two frolicsome cats.

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