After a Year of Solitude

by Lora Gray

The onboard medic
says not to worry.
Outworld parasites
can’t survive
a human host.

It won’t be long
before it leaves me.

When I first started trucking,
I hauled solo.
I didn’t want the company.
But it’s been six weeks
since I picked up
this freight on Io,
six weeks
of feeling this life
inside of me,
snug against
my shoulder blade,
pressing a thumbprint
only I can identify
into bone.

Some nights,
I dream of it
crawling carefully
out of me.
Some nights,
I dream
of a small,
alien hand in mine.

I don’t
want to be

Copyright © 2020 by Lora Gray


Featured Poet of the Month  Lora Gray

Lora Gray is a non-binary speculative fiction writer and poet from Northeast Ohio. Their work has previously appeared in Uncanny, PseudoPod, Flash Fiction Online and Strange Horizons among other places. Their poetry has been nominated for the Rhysling Award. When they aren't writing, Lora works as an artist, dance instructor and wrangler of a very smart cat named Cecil.

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