Small Certainties

by Sara Polsky

The man who answers the phone in customer service
puts me on hold again. He’s the fourth one
to swear his system shows nothing wrong
with my on-the-fritz psychic connection,
this high-speed line from me to the future
that predicts morning traffic and each night’s chance of rain.
The technology improves all the time, says Rep #4,
back on the line, probably thinking I’m one of those callers
who blames a low-cost ESP hookup for failing to deliver
the big answers, the advance notice of catastrophe
its customers are hoping for. No, I say. 
All I want is to fix this tiny orange light
that’s blinked nonstop since yesterday. I want to know
whether next week is the right time to get tomato plants
and sound quotes for roof repair. I want prediction as advertised:
ordinary clairvoyance and small certainties,
a gentle smoothing of the way.

Copyright © 2017 by Sara Polsky



Featured Poet of the Month  Sara Polsky

Sara Polsky is the features editor at Curbed and the author of the YA novel This Is How I Find Her. She is on the web at www.sarapolsky.com.

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