World on a String

by Robert Borski

Whether helical coils of DNA
or the fundamental strands that comprise

the warp and woof of the universe,
eventually, using science

and the opposable thumbs of our minds
as plectra,

we would-be harpists will find a way
to strum both to our advantage,

creating either übermenschen, free energy,
or portals to far-flung stars,                                  

plunking each string to the future
one arpeggio at a time.


Copyright © 2018 by Robert Borski


Featured Poet of the Month  Robert Borski

Robert Borski did not begin to write poetry until he was well into the middle of his sixth decade, but since then has had well over 300 poems published in such venues as Asimov's, Dreams & Nightmares, Strange Horizons, and Star*Line, as well as a first collection of verse, Blood Wallah (Dark Regions Press). He continues to live in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, where he works on behalf of the state university system.

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