Hubble's Constant

by Marian Moore

At midnight, Edwin lights
his eyes on Mount Wilson and admits
that Grace is receding from him.
Her affection is as variable as the Cepheid that he pursues.
A true tease, the star signals to him.
It has barely cleared Mount Lookout,
but its chemise is already fluttering.
Lady Andromeda’s dress now has dimension, a standard
candle in length.
Grace sleeps five nanoseconds away in their shared bed;
M31 is two and a half million light years further.
Both are fleeing from him at a speed that is
measurable, predictable.
He tells himself—
What can be counted can be contained,
In a universe,
in a world,
in a marriage
that must eventually fall
into order. 

Copyright © 2016 by Marian Moore



Featured Poet of the Month  Marian Moore

Marian Moore’s parents, an industrial arts teacher and a pharmacist, steered her two siblings and her toward STEM professions. Although she loved physics, computer science offered the best job prospects. For the past thirty-eight years, she has been a computer consultant in the New Orleans area. Along with her fascination with physics, she retained an early love of writing poetry and prose. Her poetry has been published in Drumvoices, The Louisiana Review, Bridges, and online on ReformJudaism.org, Poetica’s Poem of the Week and Vox Poetica. One work of fiction was published in the anthology Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic.

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