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Voyager 1 Prepares to Meet a Stranger
by Daniel A. Rabuzzi

“Voyager 1’s next big encounter will take place in 40,000 years, when the probe comes within 1.7 light-years of the star AC +79 3888. (The star is roughly 17.5 light-years from Earth.)”

—Elizabeth Howell, “Voyager 1: Earth’s farthest spacecraft,”, January 20, 2022

Burdens a promise

The distance

no blue out here

The time

no watch out here

Four hundred centuries more flight

Buoyed by photons or nothing at all

No more pings back to mother

Four hundred centuries:

The span of the hands in the caves

bold scouts out there

The span of the mastodon’s tusk

fierce beasts out there

No more calls to mother

But mother recalls

Promises a burden

Worth taking.

Featured Poet of the Month Daniel A. Rabuzzi

Daniel A. Rabuzzi (he / his) has had two novels, five short stories, 30 poems, and nearly 50 essays / articles published (  He lives in New York City with his artistic partner & spouse, the woodcarver Deborah A. Mills (

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