Sparking the Matter

by Tod McCoy

Peering out from the awning at the drizzle
that started suddenly while in the bookstore
perusing the physics section
with that person you just met at the chemistry shelf
who holds up a palm in the rain
testing the damp
smelling the petrichor
it strikes you
it’s only water
you’re not made of paper and glue
the fear of getting wet
is drowned by the thrill of getting wet with
someone who also doesn’t care that
the oxygen and hydrogen falling around you
is a tinderbox 

Copyright © 2017 by Tod McCoy



Featured Poet of the Month Tod McCoy

Tod McCoy is a Seattle writer whose work has appeared in the anthologies /The People’s Apocalypse/ and /Bronies: For the Love of Ponies/, as well as on /AntipodeanSF.com/, /Qarrtsiluni.com/, and in /The Gloaming/, with a forthcoming story in /Starward Tales II/. A Clarion West graduate, he’s the publisher behind Hydra House, whose catalog includes /Telling Tales/, edited by Ellen Datlow, the /Faerie Tales from the White Forest/ series by Danika Dinsmore, and two collections by Cat Rambo: /Near Far/, which generated a Nebula nomination, and /Neither Here Nor There/, all of which can be found at www.hydrahousebooks.com. 

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