Objects In Space

by Josh Pearce

Your pressure suit
holds you tight
(like my embraces)
in all the right places 

each air tank hiss is
my breath on your skin
(the cold vacuum leaking in) 

we used to spin
’round each other’s barycenter,
microgravity attraction
(because no one else was there) 

helmet broadcasting
your crying, and picking
up only, from far-
watching stars,
static signal (saying
you should have known better) 

(I’m never coming back for you)
that glinting metal speck
of a ship dwindling from view 

(small steps) the end of your
(giant leap) frayed
tether like promises I made
and could not keep


Copyright © 2017 by Josh Pearce


Featured Poet of the Month  Josh Pearce

Josh Pearce is a fiction writer and poet from the San Francisco Bay Area. He earned a B.A. degree in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing from SFSU and currently works as an editorial assistant at Locus magazine. His writing has been accepted into several magazines including Star*Line, Andromeda Spaceways, and Eye to the Telescope. He currently lives in the East Bay with his wife and son. Find him on Twitter: @fictionaljosh or at fictionaljosh.com. One time, Ken Jennings signed his chest.