Table of Contents

July/August 2018 Vol. 42 Nos. 7 & 8


Starship Mountain by Allen M. Steele


Ephemera by Ian R. MacLeod

Lieutenant Tightass by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Unter by Michael Cassutt

True Jing by Zack Be

The Backward Lens of Compromise by Octavia Cade

Liberating Alaska by Harry Turtledove

Straconia by Jack Skillingstead


Stones in the Water, Cottage on the Mountain by Suzanne Palmer

Rules of Biology by Dale Bailey

Attachment Unavailable by Leah Cypess


The Hull Breach by John Richard Trtek

Leaving by Bruce McAllister

Note to Our Guests by Amy Miller

Counting the Cost by Jane Yolen

The Big Bang Was Not by Michael Meyerhofer

A Love Poem by Richard Schiffman

Lament of the Four Moons by Kendall Evans & John Philip Johnson


Editorial: The 2018 Dell Magazines Award by Sheila Williams

Reflections: Terra Incognita by Robert Silverberg

On the Net: Listen, Watch, Read by James Patrick Kelly

In Memoriam: Mary Rosenblum

In Memoriam: Kate Wilhelm

Next Issue

On Books by Paul Di Filippo

The SF Conventional Calendar by Erwin S. Strauss



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