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You’ll find two fast-paced novellas in Asimov’s July/August 2017 issue. In “How Sere Picked Up Her Laundry,” Alexander Jablokov reveals that much is going on beneath the surface in this endlessly inventive tale. Exterminators, dangerous aliens, internecine business deals, a nosy detective, and laundry all come into play in a tale about a planet full of mysteries. Adventure also abounds with abductions, civil war, and spaceships in R. Garcia y Robertson’s hurtling story about “The Girl Who Stole Herself.” You won’t want to miss either of these enthralling tales!


Rudy Rucker & Marc Laidlaw return to Asimov’s with a wacky new story about how a couple of surfer dudes discover the secret of “@lantis”; James Gunn introduces us to a couple of pilgrims with ulterior motives as his series continues with “Transcendental Mission: Riley’s Story” and “Weighty Matters: Tordor’s Story; new author Cadwell Turnbull spins a poignant tale about “Other Worlds and This One”; while Lisa Goldstein offers a disturbing glimpse of the future in “Annabelle, Annie”; “The Patient Dragon” calmly bides its time in David Gerrold’s new short thriller; Sheila Finch conducts some heartbreaking “Field Studies”; Michael Bishop introduces us to the enigmatic “Gale Strang”; and get ready for more tension and intrigue when you and Rich Larson spend “An Evening with Severyn Grimes.”


Robert Silverberg’s Reflections column contemplates collaborative SF writers “Sharing Worlds”; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net commands us to “Hold the Phones!”; Paul Di Filippo’s On Books considers new works from Robert Silverberg, Carrie Vaughn, Connie Willis, Rick Wilber, and others; plus we’ll have an array of poetry and other features you’re sure to enjoy. Look for our super-stuffed May/June issue on sale at newsstands on June 20, 2017. Or subscribe to Asimov’s in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.

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