Award Nominees

Hugo Award Nominees!

Congratulations to Sarah Pinsker on her Hugo Nomination for “Wind Will Rove." We’ve posted the tale here for your enjoyment. If you’re voting in the Hugos, and you haven’t read the story or you’d like to refresh your memory, please take a look now.


Wind Will Rove by Sarah Pinsker - Sept/Oct 2017

BEST EDITOR (Short Form)

Sheila Williams


Locus Award Nominees!

Congratulations to the authors of our stories on the Locus Recommended Reading List. We’ve posted the tales here for your enjoyment. If you’re voting in the Locus Poll and you haven’t read the stories or you’d like to refresh your memory please take a look at them now. 


The Discrete Charm of the Turing Machine, Greg Egan - Nov/Dec 2017
Wind Will Rove, Sarah Pinsker - Sept/Oct 2017


Persephone of the Crows, Karen Joy Fowler - May/June 2017

An Evening with Severyn Grimes, Rich Larson - July/August 2017
Confessions of a Con Girl, Nick Wolven - Nov/Dec 2017


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