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We are starting to get a 20/20 view of how the new year is shaping up. The January/February 2020 issue contains two dynamic novellas. Sheila Finch’s “Not this Tide” begins in the future and extends into the unforgiving past of WW 2 London, Maunsell sea forts, and V-2 Rockets. Allen M. Steele takes us once again to the planet of Tawcety. This time we voyage to the Cetan capital and unravel some mysteries just as we encounter the utter alienness of “The Palace of the Dancing Dogs.”


We’ll find more extraterrestrials, along with people who don’t quite fit in, when Neal Asher introduces us to “An Alien on Crete”; Leah Cypess pens a devastating tale that reveals why history truly is “A Pack of Tricks”; new author Mar Catherine Stratford shows us the secrets of “The Third Shift”; the children in new author B.S. Donovan’s tale discover that Mom will do her best to ensure “You’ll Live”; new author Meredith Lozaga examines the fragility of truth and “The Refraction of White Lies”;  truth is further compromised when Dominica Phetteplace administers “The Antidote”; in Jean-Louis Trudel’s first tale for Asimov’s, electrifying intrigue occurs on “The Way to Compos­tela”; Doug C. Souza returns to Asimov’s with a haunting tour of “The Kaleidoscope City”; and Timons Esaias throws us into an unrelenting situation where there’s only time to “Go. Now. Fix.”


Robert Silverberg’s Reflections column considers an alien past to understand why coins once carried the image of “The Pharaoh’s Trachea”; James Patrick Kelly’s On the Net expects us to “Live Long and Whatever”; Paul Di Filippo explores works by Samuel Delany, Elizabeth Bear, David Morrell, Marlon James, G. Willow Wilson, and others; plus we’ll have an array of poetry and additional features you’re sure to enjoy. Look for our January/February 2020 issue on sale at newsstands on December 17, 2019. Or subscribe to Asimov’s in print or in a wide variety of digital formats.